Welcome to One Heart
"Nurturing body mind and spirit."

In 1996 I established One Heart Body Essentials, a company whose aim is to support people on their journey to health, oneness, peace and love, via natures’ gifts – essential oils, flower essences and related services workshops.

Why ONE HEART? Because the “glue” that holds us all together and the common thread that we all share is Love – unconditional and divine. This love not only flows through us, but through nature as well. Essential oils and flower essences are here to assist us in living this reality.

Abundant blessings to you,
Carol Asher
  • These oils are before their time...

    — Charmaine

  • Your flower essences are really, really beautiful they are spectacular.

    — Cathleen

  • One Heart Flower Essences just seem to have so much more power, love and healing for me.

    — Sonia

  • Thank you very much for what you have done and for how much of an assistance the reading has been.

    — Traicee

  • I'm loving your oils - my routine empowers me for the day.

    — Maria

  • Your oils are magic.

    — Sabine

  • I am so taken by the Chakra oils and so impressed with their ability to stimulate and enhance.

    — Stuart

  • Thanks for your assistance in helping me reach a new perspective, it is really much appreciated.

    — Christine

  • Thank you again for the weekend it is STILL one of the most amazing experiences of my life.

    — Hara

  • Thank you so much for the reading, it has helped enormously in moving forward relationship-wise.

    — James


Anti Viral Spray

Here is my latest creation – the Anti Viral Spray. This spray has been given to me by my guides to support us, to strengthen our Immune Systems, and to help prevent infection facing the Corona virus and the flu season. This synergistic formula consists of essential oils that are strongly anti viral, strengthen our […]

Seasons’ Offering

Dear One Heart friends, One of the keys to sailing through the holiday season, amidst the heightened worldly changes, is maintaining our inner balance. Thriving during these times is a gift, a gift to ourselves and a gift to others. We are here to shine our light and to bring our higher consciousness into every […]

one heartbe essential oils

Autumn Essential Oil Chakra Kit Sale

Here in the Southern Hemisphere we have entered Autumn, heading towards Winter. Every day seems to be pivotal in these times of global changes, and we need much support to stay positive, clear and energized. I’m bringing attention back to our Subtle Bodies/Aura which house our chakras. Our chakras are the main gateways where we […]

Healing Services

  • Akashic Record Soul Reading

    Akashic Readings – Soul Record Reading

    Do you have fundamental questions concerning your life? Are you wondering ‘why and how did I get here’ and ‘what is my next step’? Are you seeking clarity in your career or your relationships? Are you wanting to make a shift or turn a new leaf in your life

  • Essential Oil Bath Therapy

    Very deep healing of the energy bodies where you immerse yourself fully into water using essential oils and flower essences to cleanse, heal and repair the chakras and aura. A cutting edge therapy, using activated essential oils, flower essences, crystals in full immersion baths, to cleans, heal and repair the Aura and Chakras. This therapy […]

  • Energy Healings

    I combine 30 years of energy healing experience and my access to the Akashic realm to download and transfer healing energies for your specific needs. I work with your personal guides and high energy & light beings to bring calm, balance and healing to your being. My goal is to empower you in your own […]

  • Flower Essence Consultations

    I will personally tailor a flower essence blend especially for you, to precisely match your emotional, mental and physical needs. The benefit of this personal consultation with l is that I am the creator of the One Heart flower essence system, the Magdalene flower essence system from the South Of France, and I am intimately […]