Akashic Readings – Soul Record Reading

Do you have fundamental questions concerning your life? Are you wondering ‘why and how did I get here’ and ‘what is my next step’? Are you seeking clarity in your career or your relationships? Are you wanting to make a shift or turn a new leaf in your life?

Akashic Record Soul Readings

Contact Shreshta Carol via email or phone for an Akashic Record Soul Reading.

Shreshta Carol can help and give you insights, guidance and solutions to life’s major problems… concerning:

  • Health – Root causes, what needs to be addressed and possible solutions
  • Career – Your gifts and what is the best direction to go in for your success and fulfilment
  • Relationships – Your past and present connections to family, friends and loved ones, and what is the souls’ desire for these relationships in this lifetime. Compatibility, lessons and growth, healing, Karma etc.
  • Self-Fulfilment– Based on your current circumstances, what you need to do to be happy and fulfilled.
  • Life Purpose– We come in with our Souls’ plan to achieve many things in many areas of our life. Every lifetime is pre-planned to help us take a big step in consciousness in many ways. During your reading we will focus on one or a few of these goals and see where you’re at in your timeline, and how to fulfil your journey. You will get a clear picture of what you are meant to do at this time, and you will also see how your current circumstances fit into this plan. Blockages and sabotaging patterns can be revealed, and the means for their transformation.
  • Spirituality – The entire reading is based on viewing your life from your Souls’ perspective. I am in contact with your teachers, masters and guides, who also help with the reading, in addition to the Lords of The Akashic Records. For those on a conscious path of spiritual growth, information is given to assist in your growth and transformation.

By accessing your Akashic Records, Shreshta Carol can reveal the keys to your happiness and success. Shreshta Carol can give you answers that you are looking for and also help you understand why certain events are occurring or have occurred in your life. This information and clarity will help you move in the right direction for your greater joy and self-fulfilment.

Past life connections are revealed if necessary to help you see certain situations more clearly. A personal blessing and energy healing is also given to you from spirit during the reading and a positive shift in consciousness occurs as a result.

Bookings: Call Shreshta Carol Asher on +61401649868

Or email : oneheart@tpg.com.au

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Realm is a very subtle dimension on the inner planes where every thought, feeling and action is recorded. Akash, a Sanskrit word, means primal matter. It is the subtlest of the 5 elements of earth, water, fire, air and ether or akash. Because it is so subtle, everything – including thoughts and feelings – leaves a readable and recordable impression on the akash.

The gifted reader, once given your permission, can go to the “Hall of Records” in the Akashic realm and retrieve your personal soul records.

The Hebrew sages called the akash “The Book of God’s Remembrances”.

How does one read The Akashic Records?

The skill may be acquired over lifetimes of service to the Light for the highest good of humanity. For me it is a gift from God… In 1998 I was given a spontaneous mystical initiation in the inner planes, which resulted in my being able to help people via reading their Akashic Records. During your reading I am ‘here’ and also in the Hall Of Records at the same time. I am given the information visually, auditorily, and also via feeling in my body – all my senses are used to receive the precise information for you to fully understand. I am used a vehicle to convey the information to you. I become a conscious channel during that time. Sometimes symbols and untypical language are used, to accurately communicate to you what you need to hear right now.

Will every question I have be answered?

If it is the will of your Higher Self to give you the answer then yes, it will be available. Sometimes your Higher Self and/or your guides know that it is not in your highest good to reveal something to you at the time you ask, so the answer will not be given to me. This is an inbuilt protection and is born out of your Souls’ wisdom.

Can I ask questions about other people?

Yes you can ask questions concerning the role other people are playing… have played… will play in your life, but you cannot ask questions that would require me to enter the Hall of Records and retrieve their personal soul records. I would need their direct permission to do this. In this way people’s privacy is not invaded. In addition, once out of the Akashic Records, within 30 minutes or so I completely forget all the information, so your own privacy is also protected.

My own spiritual journey is very important to me. Therefore I have asked the Lords of the Akashic Records that I do not cause harm to anyone by revealing information that would cause suffering. So, certain boundaries have been put in place to ensure this, therefore I don’t have access to information that is not in your highest good to know.

How much does it cost?

A 60 minute reading is AUS$165 in Australia and US$165 elsewhere in the world. Session are done in person, or over the phone or via Skype in the comfort of your own home. Either way is equally effective.

Preparation: Please prepare 8-10 questions before your reading, and write them down. This puts in motion the intention for your reading, a process starts, and will also help to keep you on track during the reading.

Since 1998 I have successfully given thousands of readings to people all over the world and from all walks of life.

Every Akashic Record reading is a special event. It is a great opportunity to experience the love, wisdom and compassion of our guides and masters, and more importantly, of our own Higher Self.

I looking forward to being of service to you in this way.

Bookings: Call Shreshta Carol Asher on +61401649868

Or email : oneheart@tpg.com.au

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