‘One Heart’ Egyptian Goddess Sekhem Reiki

Level 1, 2, 3 & Teacher

Reiki is a holistic energy healing method that affects all levels of our being, bringing our body and mind into state a health and well being. Egyptian Sekhem Reiki is anchored in the ancient Divine Feminine energies and opens us more deeply to our own spiritual nature. It empowers us to develop our own path of healing and creativity, moving us into a new level of awareness and higher consciousness.

Sekhem Reiki Level 1

2 day workshop. Cost $285 – includes the One Heart Aura Care kit valued at $75.

We will cover the history of Reiki and the Sekhem Reiki system, healing principles of Reiki, receive an attunement to 3 Sekhem Reiki symbols and energies, and learn basic treatment practises, including distant healing.

 Sekhem Reiki Level 2

2 ½ day workshop. Cost $345 – includes the One Heart chakra kit valued at $110

In this workshop we will explore the Chakras and Aura and learn a Chakra treatment using special essential oils.

We will receive an attunement to 3 more symbols.

We will experience an abundance ceremony to help let go of limiting programs.

Sekhem Reiki Level 3

2 day workshop. Cost $285

This workshop takes us to a much higher level, with advanced healing techniques.

We will be attuned to the last 3 symbols in the system, initiating a new level of understanding of spirit and energy.

This is the mastery level of the Sekhem Reiki system. The teacher qualifications are a separate one on one training with me.

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