anti mozi spray

Anti Mozi Spray

anti mozi spray

Apart from the itchiness and other reactions (including their maddening buzzing when trying to sleep), mosquito bites spread some dangerous diseases, so, we need to avoid these bites as much as possible.

Upon request from friends, I have developed an essential oil ANTI MOZI spray.

It contains 4 powerful insect repellant essential oils:

One of the most effective “anti-mozi” oils is Thyme (which is also anti viral and anti bacterial), however, it doesn’t smell that great on the skin and you cannot use it liberally, as it can be irritating to the skin on its own.

The second very effective essential oil is Lavender, which I have used abundantly and neat, even on my face, during my times in India. It works.

The other effective essential oils are organic Peppermint (my favourite ant deterrent) and organic Lemongrass.

I have formulated this ANTI MOZI spray using these 4 essential oils. The spray doubles up as both a spray on the body for protection and an anti inflammatory if bitten, and an environment spray as a detterent, and it smells GOOD! The feedback so far has been great.

When applying the spray to the body it is better if you have applied some moisturiser or body lotion on first, as the oils in those will help the essential oils stick and stay on the skin, for longer lasting protection.

The Anti Mozi spray comes in a plastic bottle, so it is easy/light to carry around, and won’t break if dropped or when leaving outside. It is a 100ml bottle – you can use it liberally.

ANTI MOZI spray retails for $22 and are discounted at 3 for $55.
Shipping is a flat $10