September News

“Fear is false evidence appearing as real
Faith is no evidence appearing as real… and I chose the latter”  
Shreshta Carol

I’m sure most of us are saying… “I cannot believe how fast this year is going by – it is nearly Christmas, all over again”.
This is a strange sign of the times which some of us will be sharing with our grandchildren… a time when our 3D world literally sped up!
But this year, we have the extra focus of looking forward to the great opportunity that presents itself in December and beyond for all of us and for the planet herself … THE great shift of all times… And as a joyful and promising event, let’s be ready to participate and enjoy fully! We dont know what this shift will look like, but we are getting hints and feelings that it is GOOD!

A shift into Oneness and sharing and caring is promised – a world were there is no longer a seperation between man and god. A collective shift in our human concsiousness. The inner conflict between our intuition and knowing versus our ‘reality’ will be over.
Finally, for all of us who have had dificulties throughout our lives and have often yearned to ‘go home’ – we will BE home, here and now.

Since I was a child I had the number 56 in my head and knew that it was significant, that it had a special meaning in my life, but didnt know why.
I wondered if that was the age that I would die.

When I first came across the information about 2012 and the promise for humanity, I realised that I would be 56 in December 2012! Then I started to connect the dots, and the vision of what was in store for us started to become a reality. I say ‘started’, as during these last nine years, I have struggled at times, like many of us, in the mists and fog of my emotions and mind, not knowing WHAT was happening. Maintaining faith, despite hardships and evidence to the contrary, IS a human miracle… an expression of the Divine within us.

For those who need support in this area, I DO have a flower essence
SANFOIN – HOPE & FAITH, which helps us connect to this aspect of our being. Another supportive flower essence for these times is RED ROSE – DEVOTION, devotion to SELF and to our vision no matter what is happening around us and what ‘evidence’ to the contrary. Both flower essences retail at $16 each.

So, here we are again, and I am excited to share my upcoming August events with you.
My focus continues to be on whatever I can offer to help us make this grand transition into ONE HEART.

Due to the success of last months workshop “Aromatherapy and Flower essences basics and beyond, a journey through the chakras”,
I am inspired to offer a 7 week series of evening sessions, where we will continue to explore the chakras and their correlating essential oils and flower essences, in greater depth. We will be using and applying the essential oils and essences to support us throughout, and absorbing the energies of the flower essence mandalas. Hand outs will be supplied.
Starting from Wednesday the 12th of September through to the 24th of October
Where: 41 Waite rd, Netherby
When: 7pm, for a 7.30pm start – 9.30pm
Cost: $25, $150 if paid at the beginning of the series ( receive 1 session free)
Due to limited space, and my prior preparations, please RSVP ahead of time at this email, or m.0401649868.

 Later this month I will be participating in the Mind Body Spirit festival here in Adelaide.
Festival dates are September 29th – October 1st ( Sat. – Mon.) at the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds.
I will be at booth number C73,
near the psychic reading room.

Throughout the three days I will be focused on healing with the Mary Magdalene energies.
I will be offering:
Reading sessions with the floweressences, which will involve going homewith a personal flower essence blend.
   $35 for a 25 minute session, which includes your perrsonal remedy
* Flower Essence Mandalas will be available for purchase as A4 posters… FINALLY!!!!!
* The NEW Mary Magdalene flower/cave essence
* The NEW Anchoring Spirit tree essence

* ‘Special show offers’ on many other products.

For those who are not local and who cannot attend the fair, I will send out the special offer list the week prior, for your purchases.

Here is a special coupon for a HALF PRICE entry to the show, click here and print out.   I hope to see you there!

I wish you the very best in every in moment,

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