Walking in the footsteps of the Magdalene

Come join us on an incredible, life-transforming journey to discover the power, wisdom and love of the Divine Feminine within you.

June 28th – July 6th 2018
Download the PDF for 2018 here

For millennia, the spiritual essence of Mary Magdalene and the Divine Goddess has interwoven and become part of the Languedoc region in The South of France, anchoring HER vibration in Nature, the water, earth and ley lines. Therefore the Languedoc region has become a source of spiritual power and healing, where we can experience the activation of the Divine feminine energy within us, resulting in profound inner transformation on our journey to self-realisation and Oneness with God.

During the shared week together, we will walk the land absorbing HER energies, we will do special ceremonies and meditations, activating ancient codes of wisdom within us. We will pilgrimage to sacred sites in Nature for personal and collective healing, we will visit famous churches and caves dedicated to Mary Magdalene and the Goddess tradition. Rennes Le Chateau, Montsegur, Rennes Les Baines, Carcassonne, Limoux, Couiza are included.

We will be immersed in the land where I have created the ‘One Heart’ flower essences, which are overshadowed by Mary Magdalene, and we will meet and experience these special flowers first hand. We will have the opportunity to learn how to make flower essences by making a group flower essence, which we will take home with us.

By drinking local natural source water and by eating local organic produce we will nourish and reprogram our bodies in support of our process of aligning with the higher frequencies and vibrations which we will be accessing and downloading.

The highlight of the workshop process is the Mary Magdalene initiation, on the last day of the workshop, which will forevermore connect and anchor you into this sacred Priestess/Goddess lineage.

This initiation has its’ beginnings in ancient Egyptian times, and is overshadowed by ascended and interplanetary masters. All this and much, much more, whilst we will be having FUN!!! As the group energy builds and as we gently shed old burdens and conscious and unconscious memories of suppression and limitation, we will free up and become lighter and happier, experiencing more joy, self-love and acceptance as each day goes by!

follow your heart…follow your intuition…follow your inner guidance…receive the LOVE all around you…

Practical Details:

The workshop is limited to 10 participants, so that we can process with genuine intimacy and safety, and
receive the full benefits of personalized attention and nurturing.

The workshop is 8 nights and 7 days. The Workshop starts at 7pm, dinner time on Thursday the 28th of June
and ends after Breakfast at 10am on Friday the 6th of July.

Closest airports are Toulouse and Carcassonne. Pick up is from the town of Couiza which you can reach by bus
or by train from Carcassonne, or by taxi.

Sacred Tour and Workshop fees:

  • Payment for Sacred Tour, Workshop, Room and Board, $2195 PLUS 330 euros in cash
    upon arrival at the retreat.
  • Register with a non-refundable deposit of $750 to secure your place
  • There are 2 single rooms available for an additional 70euros per participant
  • There are 2 double rooms available for couples or 2 people wanting to share the room together
  • The main room is a shared spacious room for up to 4 people
  • Register early to secure your accommodation preference
  • Accommodation is basic, comfortable and clean, in a restored old and very beautiful farm house, in a hamlet of
    old cottages, in a rural setting. This venue has been chosen due to its amazing earth energies, being in the
    centre of the Sacred Earth Womb “The Womb Of Nut” dedicated to the Goddess.
  • Register by December 31st and save $330


  • Deposit $750 by December 31st and complete payment of $1115 by February 28th (plus 330 euros in
    cash on June 28th prior to workshop start)
  • Balance of $1445 from 1st of March till April 30th (plus 330 euros in cash on June 28th prior to workshop start)
  • Balance of $1695 from May 1st (plus 330 euros in cash on June 28th prior to workshop start)
    This payment balance can be completed by making smaller payments prior to the due date, please contact me
    to arrange this.
  • Payments can be made via PayPal or Direct Bank transfer.
  • There will be no refunds of any payment after May 1st. Please make sure that you have comprehensive
    travel insurance in case of emergency or for cancellations.

Workshop fees include:

  • Pick up and drop off from Couiza at designated reasonable times, upon prior arrangement. If you need to
    be at the train station outside of these times, taxis are available.
  • Transportation throughout the workshop to the various sites, all breakfasts, 7 dinners (including organic
    wine) and 1 lunch. Food is vegetarian, organic, and prepared lovingly by an amazing chef!
  • All entrance fees to Sacred Sites, excluding any entrance fees on our free day in Carcassonne.
  • Allow 150-200 euros for eating out and shared picnic lunches. ATM machines are available in the local towns.
    Fun shopping and souvenirs… We will have the opportunity to visit outdoor markets, small museums and the
    Cite of Carcassonne, so bring Euros and credit and debit cards for these extras.
  • Participants who pay in full by April 30th will receive a gift pack of the very special Mary Magdalene Anointing
    oil, The Mary Magdalene Cave essence, and the Healing Energy Bath Gel valued at $111

Shreshta Carol Asher

What previous workshop attendees have to say:

“The workshop was incredibly rewarding. Shreshta Carol brought such a sense of integrity to every ceremony, activity and lesson throughout this workshop and it has been such an inspiration for me.

The most profound shift that happened was working through a major block/fear that I had in claiming my power on my spiritual journey… the group helped me find peace in my heart and realise that I can walk the spiritual path. The gift that I am taking home is a deep feeling of gratitude and love and a profound love of self”. C.J. USA

“It was a well-structured workshop. It unravelled little by little, in the experience of the Magdalene energy, step by step, cave by cave, castle by castle, battle by battle, glass of wine by glass of wine, until the humble triumph of Mary Magdalene in the initiation on the Throne of Isis … An extraordinary journey through place and time, in an immaculate land of ancient beauty, guided by an awesome woman!” R.T. Italy

“It was a beautiful enriching experience… the highlight was the MM initiation. I’m going home with a bigger and higher awareness and a new shift by connecting with the Feminine Divine energy as well.

“I would like to convey my deepest and most sincere gratitude to Shreshta Carol for the love, the passion, and the generosity with which she does anything that she does.” M.V. Italy

“The workshop journey was and continues to have a profound impact on so many levels. The MM initiation experience, which I can only explain as a state of enlightenment, takes me to a state of peace every time I reconnect. I continue to experience a permanent irreversible shift” J.L. Australia

Shreshta Carol Asher has been teaching and facilitating self-discovery, energy healing and transformation workshops since 1996. She has been leading her Mary Magdalene workshops in The South Of France since 2000. She is the creator of the One Heart flower essence system from the Languedoc region, and the founder of One Heart Body Essentials.

As a skilled reader of the Akashic Records for 14 years, she brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and a compassionate heart to your workshop process/journey.

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