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Shresta Carol

Shresta Carol

Since the inception of this company in 1996 my mission and purpose has been to elevate consciousness and to help people experience a healthier, more joyful and more fulfilled life.

My way of bringing this about is by working with gifts from our Mother Earth and Nature, i.e. essential oils and flower essences, in combination with higher dimensional  energies  and consciousness to help anchor and fully ground spirit in matter – thus enlightening our being.

I also offer various workshops & Akashic Record soul readings and Energy Healings, serving  the same purpose.

One Heart Body Essentials was birthed out of the realisation that we and all life on the planet are ONE. The very ‘glue’ that holds all manifested form together is Gods’ love for us and for all sentient beings. Another way of expressing this is by saying that the binding glue of the Universe is Gods’ love.

This love, which is the healing essence and power of Nature, is Nature’s gift and service to us.  Without Nature we cannot survive in any way. To live a healthy and superior life, fully enjoying our time on Earth, we need to awaken to this love that flows through nature, so that we can fully receive the most nourishing foods for our body, mind and soul.

Pure and light filled essential oils and flower essences carry an alchemical force that have the power to heal, transform and uplift humanity. They play a vital role in the process of humanity’s collective awakening and liberation.

I believe that we now have reached a point in the evolution of human consciousness were we can experience ‘miraculous healing’ on a daily basis and that we can quickly correct health challenges and imbalances. We are now on a trajectory path where every day we can shed yet another limiting belief, transforming pain and suffering into peace, acceptance and joy.

When we approach essential oils and flower essences with the knowing that they are ALIVE and SENTIENT , we can develop a relationship with them. When we connect to the love that they offer us, they will help us, heal us, nourish us, transform us and work with us to restore us to perfect health.

This is an enlightened way to relate to Nature, it is the way of the Shaman, which we are now remembering. The essential oils, flower essences, workshops and private healings that I offer are ALL programmed and activated to support this process of awakening.

I hope that you partake in them and enjoy!

Looking forward to meeting you to share our journey…


Shreshta Carol Asher

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