Anti Viral Spray

Here is my latest creation – the Anti Viral Spray.

This spray has been given to me by my guides to support us, to strengthen our Immune Systems, and to help prevent infection facing the Corona virus and the flu season.

This synergistic formula consists of essential oils that are strongly anti viral, strengthen our organs (liver, pancreas, kidneys and lungs), and at the same time also calming, de-stressing and protective.

The Anti Viral Spray contains: essential oils of Sweet Birch, Carrot Seed, Cypress, Rose Geranium, French Lavender, Peppermint, Ravensara, Mountain Savory, Thyme, with Flowers To The Rescue flower essences, in a base of distilled water.

The large 100ml spray bottle will last about a month. Price is $36.

I’m offering a ‘special’. Buy 3 for $108 and receive a FREE Immune Boost blend valued at $28.50, which you can diffuse or safely apply to the chest and body. I developed the Immune Boost for my daughter when she was a baby, and I used it ever since every time she had any symptoms of illness, warding off infections and the flu, and also to lower fever and ease her chest if sick. She now uses the same blend with her kids. It is a true and tried blend and a staple in our medicine box.

The 3 Anti Viral sprays and the Immune Boost will last you throughout the flu season, for 3 months at least.


Sweet Birch – Analgesic, anti- inflammatory, blood cleaner, reduces fever. Drains toxins & edema.
Carrot Seed – Liver strengthening and regenerating.
Cypress – A natural antibiotic. Counteracts Sore throats, infections, bronchitis, flues and colds.
Rose Geranium – Anti Fungal, Anti- Bacterial. Strengthens Liver and balances Pancreas.
French Alpine Lavender – Normalizes liver. Antiseptic. Balances, harmonizes, calms, reduces stress. Relieves headaches. Relieves tension and anxiety.
Peppermint – Strengthens the nervous system. Regenerates the liver. Strengthens muscles. Assists respiratory breathing.
Ravensara – Mucolytic (dries mucous in lungs).  Anti Viral. Anti bacterial. Nerve tonic. Good for Mono and for acute cases of flu. Strengthens immune system. Excellent support for pneumonia.
Mountain Savory – Strong Anti Viral. Fights sinus & bronchial infections.
Red Thyme – Strong Anti Viral, Regenerates liver. Treats flu, bronchitis, and general weakness.


Sweet Birch  – Strengthens our sense of Self. Gives courage and strength to stand up for oneself.
Carrot Seed – Strengthens our 3rd eye. Helps us see truth, observe manipulative behavior & cut through facades and dark energy.
Cypress – Instills peace of mind. Stabilizes and reinforces the ability to endure during times of illness. Think of ancient Cypress trees that stand and survive the passages of centuries.
Rose Geranium – Gives courage and strength. Stabilizes and calms the body and mind in times of fear, stress, change and transition.
French Alpine Lavender – Master oil for soothing the nervous system. Heals Auric damage and ejects entities. Dissolves emotional and mental blockages ( fears, doubts, self-defeating thought forms) in the Auric field. Supports meditation practices. Helps to develop an altruistic attitude of love for humanity.
Peppermint – Reverses fatigue. Relieves worry, fear and stress. Revives and energizes the body.
Ravensara – Master oil in helping to develop right use and development of our WILL. Frees us from being subject to the will of others.
Mountain Savory – Frees trapped emotions and stress in the body. Strengthens our ability to endure in times of illness or emotional stress.  “I can do this”. “I can overcome this”.
Red Thyme – Mentally grounding and stabilizing. Strengthens the Crown Chakra – our connection to source energy and consciousness.

Here are some responses from those who have already purchased and are using the spray:

Dear Carol. I received my sprays and oil in the post today. The sprays are amazing such a high vibration. When I spray and breath the essence in I can feel the effect. I use my diffuser daily with the immune boost. Thank you, You are amazing. Love Loretta

Love the spray Carol. It’s beautiful.” Fay Hara.

Thanks so much for the sprays. Everyone at meditation group loved it, and I diffused the Immune Boost too.” Carol Kretchmer.

As always, you can email or call me to order.
Shipping in Australia is a flat $10.
Shipping to the US is $24. I can also arrange Express shipping.

My blessings to everyone to stay happy, positive and healthy.

Many blessings,
Carol Anne Asher

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