Mothers Day

Coming up to Mother’s Day, what is lovelier than celebrating, honoring, and sharing our LOVE via the scent of Rose. Roses have always been a symbol and a beautiful way to express and evoke our love for another, and also to bring beauty and magnificence into our lives.
mothers day
During these transforming times, beautifying and enhancing our environment, both physically and energetically, has become even more important. It helps us stay calm, balanced and healthy. I have been diffusing and anointing myself with essential oils to keep my spirits up and to stay connected to what is precious and dear to me, my dreams, my aspirations, my values and most importantly my love for my family and friends, and the future of our planet. We have to keep our hearts strong!

Roses are also a symbol of love and romance and a major component in the perfume industry. Here is a comment by a perfumer “A fragrance without roses is almost as unthinkable as a love affair without kisses. Not only are roses the most romantic of flowers to look at:  they’re an absolute cornerstone of perfumery – the most important flower of all, from the point of view of a nose:  sometimes powdery, sometimes woody, musky, myrrh-y, clove-like, sometimes fruity, or just blowsily feminine – but always, intensely romantic.  Roses are said to feature in at least 75% of modern feminine fragrances, and at least 10% of all men’s perfumes.”

I am quite extravagant with my use of Rose oil, and I include pure organic Rose Absolute from Turkey in many of my formulas and blends such as ” Heart Communication”, “Love”, “Meditation”, “New Beginnings”, “Mary Magdalene Anointing Oil”, “Sri Amma Anointing Oil”, and in the Chakra Kit and “Initiation spray”. I love spreading the love in this way and this is part of my contribution to society and humanity.

To celebrate the fact that all life is birthed by the Divine Mother and is continuously nurtured by HER love, and that this fact needs to be further anchored, I am offering special discounts on my precious organic Rose Absolute oil and products that contain Rose Oil, for Mothers’ Day. This is also your opportunity to stock up on some precious oils and blends. I gently advise that stocks of essential oils worldwide are currently a bit uncertain.

Rose essential oil can come in the form of Rose Otto (also known as attar of roses), or Rose Absolute. Rose Otto is extracted via steam distillation, while the more precious Rose Absolute, via solvent extraction (no traces are in the end product), or CO2 extraction. I have been fortunate to source a rare organic Rose Absolute from Turkey, which I adore.

Rose Absolute, organic 2.75ml – regular retail price is $98.90, now 20% off for $79.  Buy 2 bottles for a further discount at $139 (a saving of nearly $60).

Enjoy the luxury and the beauty of Rose fragrance.
* 170 rose flowers are said to relinquish but a single drop of the pure essential oil. So, all you need is a drop or much less for an intense perfume or for calming and relaxing the heart and the Heart chakra.

Take 30% off the synergistic blends:

Heart Communication 12ml – $33.95 instead of $48.50.
Main constituents – Frankincense, Tasmanian Lavender, organic Rose Absolute, Rose Geranium, Sweet Orange.
Love 12ml –  $33.95 instead of $48.50
Main constituents – organic Rose Absolute, Rose Geranium, Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang.
Meditation 7ml– $52.15instead of $78.50
Main constituents – Frankincense, Indian Sandalwood, organic Rose Absolute.
New Beginnings 12ml $33.95 instead of $48.50
Main constituents – organic Rose Absolute, Rose Geranium, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang complete organic.
Mary Magdalene Anointing Oil Roll On 30ml $38.50 instead of $55
Main constituents – Spikenard, organic Rose Absolute, Vanilla CO2, Myrrh, Jasmine Absolute, Angelica, Juniperberry in a base of organic Jojoba.
Sri Amma Anointing Oil Roll On $45.50 30ml instead of $65
Main constituents – Bees Honeycomb Absolute, Helichrysum organic, Jasmine Absolute, organic Rose Absolute, Vanilla CO2, Tuberose Absolute, organic Sweet Orange, in a base of organic Jojoba.


These special prices are on offer throughout the month of May.
The Buddha’s birthday, the Wesak celebration, is another expression of Love and Compassion for humanity during the month of May.
Strengthening and expanding our hearts, and our Heart Chakras, are a focus during this time. Anointing ourselves with Rose oil will enhance our
connection with this higher consciousness and vibration, and give us fortitude and flexibility to embrace these changing times.

As always, you can email or call me with your orders or any questions.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay healthy and happy,
With many blessings,
Carol Anne Asher

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