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one heartbe aura spray

I’m very excited to share with you my up-dated look for my Aura Care sprays.
The inspiration for my essential oil and flower essence products came about from a profound experience that I had nearly 30 years ago, when I had a vision of our world being held together by the substance of Gods’ love for all things manifest. God’s love is the glue that holds all matter together.
Therefore my business logo has always been fashioned on a heart – the universal symbol of love.

I was a bit ahead of my time when I added the words “made with love & good intentions” to my labels, to further infuse my products with a high vibration. Adding these words now is common and popular.

So much has changed in the world of Aromatherapy in the last 20 years. The art of Aromatherapy was revived in the 20th century in Europe, along with herbalism, and from there spread to Northern America, where the use of essential oils has exploded due to the strong marketing of various Multi Level Marketing companies. The use of essential oils has become commercially very successful all over the world, and is a common term used today for nearly anything that has a scent, whether derived from a plant or not, whether it has genuine healing properties or not. New plantations have been planted all over the world, for the purpose of harvesting plant material for the aromatherapy industry, to keep up with demand. They are new and exciting, but do not yet have the tradition and the build up of all the healing qualities of plants that have been growing in the same terrain for hundreds of years. This takes time and future generations will benefit greatly from this if the industry is well preserved.

To honor and carry over the feel of old European plant wisdom into the 21st century, I wanted my new labels to depict the old merging with the new. A bit of romance, with modern design. The father of modern day Aromatherapy was Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, a Frenchman, so, the labels are also a nod to the French origins of Aromatherapy. Voila!

Having said all this, I know that what’s most important is what’s IN the bottle, and this is what I always focus on. I try to source and deliver the best aromatherapy products on the market.

After 12 years or so the 3 Aura Care Sprays – Aura Cleanser, Aura Healer and Aura Protector have now gone up in price to $33 each and $85 for the set of 3.
Enjoy the old price of $28 each and $75 for the set of 3 until December 15th.
Order 2 sets for $150 and enjoy free shipping.

Aura Cleanser 50ml

Clears & cleanses unwanted energies such as negative thought forms, environmental pollution, negative emotions, etc. Helps restore mental clarity & overall balance by dispelling confusion and anxiety. Wonderful for cleansing rooms, offices & healing spaces in between clients.
Contains: French Lavender, organic Lemongrass & Sweet Orange, One Heart flower essences from the South Of France in distilled water.

Aura Healer 50ml

Heals auric damage due to emotional wounds, trauma, drug abuse, and surgery. Expels negative & trapped energies in the aura. Great to assist in any healing process. Speeds recovery from surgery & any illness.
Contains: organic French Helichrysum, French Vanilla, Australian Lemon Tea Tree, One Heart flower essences from the South Of France in distilled water.

Aura Protector 50ml

Creates a protective shield around us preventing us from picking up negative energies. Very helpful when we are feeling vulnerable or in a weakened state, mentally, emotionally or physically. Protects us whenever we are faced with hostile environments or individuals. Also helpful when emerging from a healing treatment or workshop and we need to cocoon ourselves for a while.
Contains: Organic French Angelica Root, French Lavender, Australian Lemon Tea Tree, One Heart flower essences from the South Of France in distilled water.

This sale is until Dec. 15th. CC and Eptos payments are available, please contact me for this. 

My heartfelt blessings to you,
Carol Anne Asher

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