Walking In The Footsteps of The Magdalene

I’m very excited to be offering my 2024 Mary Magdalene Sacred Tour, Pilgrimage & workshop in the Languedoc, South Of France.

I have been journeying to The Languedoc since 1998 where I studied French Medical Aromatherapy and also made my first One Heart flower essences, which are imbued with Mary Magdalene’s consciousness. This is when I first learned the truth about Mary Magdalene and Jesus the Nazarene, their relationship and their geneology, and how this has influenced European and Middle Eastern history. Their story is, indeed, quite current and pertinent to current world affairs.

Magdalene France Tour 2024

The time has come to gather & return to this sacred land, where we will experience HER divine blessings & healing gifts. We will be rejuvenated and will feel a stronger connection to our ancient past of knowing and the wisdom of who we truly are, our manifestation as spiritual beings in human form.
This is the activation and empowerment provided by the workshop/tour/pilgrimage.

This is a calling and an invitation for any of you who would like to join me, download the program to find out more.

Spaces are limited to 8 people, which allows for a relaxed, more personal and grounded experience.
There are currently 6 spots available.

For registration, or for any questions regarding the workshop, please email or call me.

Will you be the one to join me in 2024 for this exciting adventure?

Sending you many blessings,

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