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Dear One Heart friends,
For the first time EVER I experienced the effects of the Mercury Retrograde, which started on April the 21st and ends May the 14th, Mother’s Day. When Mercury is in retrograde it impacts communications of every kind. Delays, cancellations, miscommunications and misunderstandings are common during this time.

As a result, many of you did not receive my previous email offering my Mother’s Day special. I myself didn’t receive my own copy!

Then, I was alerted to the fact that my website was down.
In addition, I didn’t think things through, as I was in such a rush to send the newsletter out in time for Mother’s Day, that I made a few mistakes.
So, here I am again with corrections and additions to my previous email.

I’m offering 2 specials for Mother’s Day:
1. The Mother’s Day Love candle
2. A gift with purchase, a FREE Mother’s Day Love Candle with every CHAKRA KIT purchased.

The Mother’s Day Love Candle contains only 100% pure essential oils (no synthetic fragrances) and is therapeutic.
It has a gorgeous soft delicate scent that is not intrusive or aggravating, yet still lends all the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils that it contains.

The MOTHER’S DAY LOVE CANDLE container is a very elegant white with gold marbling. It comes in a kraft box which is perfect for gift wrapping.
It holds 350ml, is made of soy wax and pure essential oils of:
Precious Rose Absolute which opens and strengthens the heart and is THE essential oil representing LOVE. Each candle contains 3ml of pure Rose Absolute essential oil. What a luxury!!!
Ylang Ylang Complete Organic which also calms (anti – anxiety) and fortifies the heart, in addition to being uplifting and encouraging romance…
Mandarin Sweet is a ‘happy oil’ and helps us relax and let go… bringing JOY and open heartedness.
Each candle retails for $55 (and includes over $100 worth of Rose Absolute essential oil – you are getting a bargain). Buy 2 for $99 and receive free shipping.

My second offer is a FREE Mother’s Day Love Candle worth $55 with each purchase of my iconic chakra kit. The chakra kit retails for $135. (S&H$10). If you have been waiting to purchase your kit, this may be the perfect time. It is so lovely to have a candle burning whilst anointing oneself with the chakra oils and whilst meditating.


chakra kit

  • Helps to keep our immune system strong, with daily use
  • Helps to support & maintain our physical health
  • Balances, Calms and de-stresses
  • Anti – Anxiety support, uplifts and brings joy and inner happiness
  • Expands Consciousness
  • Supports meditation – Apply a drop on each chakra
  • Prepares and supports any healing session
  • Luxurious use in a massage treatment, either directly on the chakras or mixed in a base oil or lotion
  • Wonderful for a Chakra Bath – use a drop of each blend in bath water
  • Helps to Cleanse and open our chakras
  • Helps lift our vibration
  • Supports our Spiritual evolution & journey
  • Diffuse a drop of each in your oil burner to create a Zen and peaceful environment
  • Safe and gentle for children and babies
  • Replaces the use of many individual oils – an ‘All In One’ treatment
  • Use as a beautiful natural perfume
  • Easy to carry – it is a ‘mini travel kit’

I hope that I got everything right this time and that this Mercury Retrograde transit has not been too disruptive in your life.

Please contact me with your orders and with any questions. There is still time to receive these prior to Mother’s Day.

Many blessings for a most wonderful Mother’s Day,


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