More Offers for Mother’s Day

Dear One Heart friends, For the first time EVER I experienced the effects of the Mercury Retrograde, which started on April the 21st and ends May the 14th, Mother’s Day. When Mercury is in retrograde it impacts communications of every kind. Delays, cancellations, miscommunications and misunderstandings are common during this time. As a result, many […]

Aura Sprays

These 6 Aura Care sprays have been used by thousands of people around the world and are proven to be very effective in cleansing, protecting and healing processes. One Heart Sprays combine the power of our pure essential oils with the Languedoc Flower Essences from the South of France. The easy-to-use portable spray bottle is […]

Essential Oil Chakra Kit

The kit consists of 7 individual blends of precious essential oils of 2.7ml each. These are specially formulated to cleanse, heal, balance and expand each Chakra and the Chakra system as a whole. These Chakra oils are so pure, undiluted and potent that we need use only one drop on each Chakra point. Full instructions […]

Synergistic Blends

Teaming up for a totally new energy Click here to download the Synergistic Blends Price List ‘Synergistic’ – the ability for individual things to be more successful working together. ‘Synthesis’ – the process of producing a more complex compound from simpler ingredients. Blends of essential oil are made up from 5-12 different single essential oils. Once […]

Essential Oils – Rare and Precious

Presenting a superb collection Click here to download the Rare and Precious Price List For the Aromatherapy enthusiast, One Heart has sourced an exquisite collection of rare and precious essential oils and absolutes of the finest grade. What makes some essential oils precious? Often a huge amount of plant substance is needed to produce a small […]

Essential Oils – Main Collection

An essential part of your wellbeing Click here to download the Pure Essentials Price List One Heart offers more than 180 essential oils which are privately sourced from all over the globe. Far from the commercial mass-market world, these essential oils are hand poured and individually labeled with love and care. Purity, quality, safety and spiritual […]