Aura Sprays

These 6 Aura Care sprays have been used by thousands of people around the world and are proven to be very effective in cleansing, protecting and healing processes. One Heart Sprays combine the power of our pure essential oils with the Languedoc Flower Essences from the South of France. The easy-to-use portable spray bottle is specially designed to nurture and strengthen our aura and Chakra system to enhance our wellbeing.

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Most dis-ease begins in the subtle, unseen realms in what is called our Aura. Our Aura is comprised of the sum total of the subtle energies making up our etheric, emotional, mental and soul (as distinct from Spirit) bodies. If imbalances and damage on these levels are left unattended, dis-ease eventually becomes physical disease. Regular use of our Aura sprays will keep your energies balanced in the creative, formative, protective levels of your being… so that you experience harmony and wellbeing in your life. The three foundation sprays are:

  1. Aura Cleanser
  2. Aura Healer
  3. Aura Protector

The three accelerator sprays are:

  1. • Angel Wings
  2. • Inititiation
  3. • Meditation


Aura Cleanser

Clears & cleanses unwanted energies such as negative thought forms, environmental pollution, negative emotions, etc. Helps restore mental clarity & overall balance by dispelling confusion. Wonderful for cleansing rooms, offices & healing spaces in between clients.

Aura Healer

Heals auric damage due to emotional wounds, drug abuse, and surgery. Expels negative & trapped energies in the aura. Great to assist in any healing process. Speeds recovery from surgery & any illness.

Aura Protector

Creates a protective shield around us preventing us from picking up negative energies. Very helpful when we are feeling vulnerable or in a weakened state, mentally, emotionally or physically. Protects us whenever we are faced with hostile environments or individuals.

How Foundation Aura Sprays work

By spraying each of the three sprays in the order listed 7 times above your head & allowing the mist to cascade over your body, front & back, you will be giving yourself a complete aura care treatment. You can also clear room environments, and start and end client treatments. Recommended to use twice daily for optimal results or as often as desired in specific needed circumstances.

Angel Wings

Be touched by an angel! Carol Asher writes: “While making this blend, I literally felt the presence of angle wings/energies around me and touching me. This is another exquisite blend that vibrates with the sweetness and love of the angels. This is used for calling forth the presence and blessings of your guardian angels. Children and adults alike love this blend.


Experience Heaven on Earth! The energies of rose and jasmine essential oils, along with “Three Roses” Flower essence from France gives blessings to your spirit and soul on all your new journeys in life. For all new beginnings (initiations) in life, whether spiritual, mental, emotional, relationship or physical. May be used for all initiation and other sacred ceremonies and is excellent for Fung Shui clearing spaces and for Reiki Master Teacher’s initiations. Our most popular blend!


Ideal for helping you achieve the vibration most conducive to deep insightful meditation. The blend helps transform the experience of your inner and outer space and prepares you to open up into alignment with your mantra or deep and peaceful silence when the Divine may be perceived.

Price List

Aura Cleanser 28.00
Aura Healer 28.00
Aura Protector 28.00
Buy all 3 at the special price 75.00
Angel Wings 33.00
Initiation 33.00
Meditation 33.00


“One Heart products are of the highest integrity. The Aura sprays not only cleanse, heal and protect the individual, they also assist the person in maintaining balance.” Tse-Chen, Guide and Healer via Lyn Townsend , Energy Healer

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