Essential Oils – Rare and Precious

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For the Aromatherapy enthusiast, One Heart has sourced an exquisite collection of rare and precious essential oils and absolutes of the finest grade.

What makes some essential oils precious?

Often a huge amount of plant substance is needed to produce a small amount of essential oil. Every drop comes from many, many flower petals. For example, more than 2000 pounds (1000 kg) of roses are needed to produce 1 pound (450ml) of Rose Absolute!

Some oils cost more because their production and supply is limited – for example, Vanilla CO2 from the island of Madagascar.

Indian Sandalwood has become precious oil for the same reason – the Sandalwood tree has been over-harvested in the past and it will take time for the new plants to reach maturity.

Absolutes are essential oil extractions of more delicate flower petals (using a chemical and solvent method as the usual steam distillation method destroys such plant materials).

In the solvent extraction process, a very low heat is used and the final product is obtained by removing both the waxes from the flower (known as a ‘concrete’) and the solvent extractor.

This leaves a 99.9% pure product, free of impurities. One Heart ensures that it only sources absolutes of the highest grade, where the solvent has been properly and fully removed.

Since One Heart does not dilute or ‘stretch’ its essential oils, you will find that its range of Precious and Rare oils are highly concentrated and potent – carrying a very high healing frequency.


Many companies sell precious oils in a dilution of 3% or !0% to make them more affordable. It is cheaper for you to buy your own precious oil and make your own dilution.

You can make your own dilution of 3% in Jojoba, for a long lasting product, or any carrier oil if to be used immediately – simply add 3 drops of your favorite Essential Oil Absolute or precious oil to 97 drops of carrier oil!

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