Essential Oils – Main Collection

An essential part of your wellbeing

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One Heart offers more than 180 essential oils which are privately sourced from all over the globe.

Far from the commercial mass-market world, these essential oils are hand poured and individually labeled with love and care.

Purity, quality, safety and spiritual power are at the heart of One Heart products.

Pure essential oils are concentrated aromatic substances derived from the roots, seeds, barks, branches, leaves, needles, buds, flowers, berries, fruits and peels of fragrant plants.

They are natural and organic living substances – part of the plants’ immune system and life force. Being packed with vitamins and minerals – having antiseptic, antibacterial and oxygenating properties, and by promoting cellular rejuvenation – they are extremely beneficial for our health and wellbeing.

How powerful are they? At least 75-100 times more concentrated than herbs.

Such oils have been used for thousands of years in various civilizations to enhance our spiritual life, to aid in meditation and to help us commune with God.

Simply smelling the aroma of essential oils opens our hearts and puts a smile on our face!

It also puts you in touch with a powerful healing force.

Precious power

Like precious jewellery or fine wine, each drop of essential oil is special and precious. Due to its highly concentrated nature, every drop is very potent and only a small amount is needed to achieve the desired effect, whether it be for our body, mind or soul.

Essential oils are precious elixirs. Use with consciousness and love – and enjoy!

Organic – from the heart of Nature

To meet the growing demand for proven purity in plant sources – free from chemicals or synthetic sprays or fertilizers – One Heart ensures all of its organic oils are Organically Certified.

Meeting the most stringent of tests by the United States and European government bodies, the products can safely be judged purely organic, as nature intended.

This extra degree of purity has secured a loyal following of One Heart customers from around the world.

Wild Crafted – high frequency healing

This is the personal favourite of One Heart’s creator, Carol Asher.

“If possible to obtain, my preference are Wild Crafted oils,” she says. “They are harvested in the wild, free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers. They generally carry an extremely high frequency and are very special.”

The reason for this is that these particular plant species have grown in the same place and have adapted to their environment and natural habitat over hundreds and sometimes thousands of years.

They are strong and vital and contain their original blueprint – their original DNA – and retain ALL their original healing powers.

Wherever possible, One Heart makes sure its Wild Crafted essential oils are ethically wild crafted – meaning that the plants are not over-harvested and that re-planting is done annually to replace the harvest.

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