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One Heart has many offerings – essential oils, flower essences, Akashic Record soul readings and energy healings, a variety of classes & transformational workshops. 

Our product range of more than 180 essential oils is privately sourced from all over the globe. Far from the commercial mass-market, each essential oil is chosen with love and care, hand poured, activated and aligned with its’ highest healing power.

Welcome to the One Heart Flower Essences” Video from The South Of France.

Our various essential oil blends have been created from formulas which have been downloaded from source, in cooperation with various light beings and energies.

Purity, quality, potency are at the heart of One Heart products.

The One Heart very special flower essences – the Flower Essences of Languedoc – are made from wild flowers in the South of France, an area which is considered a ‘womb space’ of the planet and which also represents the consciousness of our Alta Major – Oneness.

Shreshta Carol Anne Asher, who formed the company in 1996, shares her story in three stages.

Discovering Essential Oils

As a child, I was often sad, due to difficult birth and family circumstances.  I always found comfort by connecting with Nature… a walk in the fields, climbing a tree, picking fruit or vegetables (have you ever filled your pockets with fresh peas straight from the vine?), smelling the flowers, picking flowers, making daisy chains, smelling the earth, listening to the birds chirping while lying on grass… the list goes on.

The natural wonder and romance of nature never failed to inspire and nourish me, always soothing my aching heart. My deep trust and loving connection with Nature was established at this early age.

Down the track as I matured and began my search for personal healing and spiritual connection, taking endless courses and workshops, trying out many healing techniques, I also discovered that my health not only depended on the quality of food, water and air that I breathed or physical exercise.  I discovered that my feelings, emotions and thoughts (my consciousness) played a huge part in my overall health and sense of wellbeing. I discovered that thoughts and feelings had a science to them – that of frequencies and wavelengths (energy) – and the fact that feeling happy, peaceful and loving equated to a high frequency. Feeling sad, depressed, or angry equated to a lower frequency.

Discovering frequencies

By listening intently during the next few years to my body, emotions and spirit, I learned that everything in the universe carries a certain frequency and in order to feel good, I should look for those things that carry a high frequency, which would be able to “lift me up” to higher states of consciousness.

This is when I revisited the world of Aromatherapy and Flower Essences and discovered their incredible healing properties via their very high frequencies. I had been trained early in my 20’s in Aromatherapy, Aromatherapy massage, and in Flower Essence therapy.

Rose oil, for example, carries the highest frequency of all essential oils – equal to that of Unconditional Divine Love. So, theoretically if we inhaled and lavished ourselves with Rose Oil every day, we would speed up our ascension and transformation of consciousness into a higher frequency of permanent love and compassion.

It is no accident that reports exist from many part of the world about certain saints whose body, after their death, continued to emit the beautiful fragrance of Rose… representing their consciousness of unconditional love and compassion for humanity.

The value of myrrh

Myrrh oil, for example, was used in ancient times, even before the Egyptians used it for embalming, for expansion of consciousness, for seeing life from a higher and non-personal perspective, a perspective which considers the good of the whole. This was exemplified in the lives of Moses and Jesus, both saviors of their people, who knew the value of Myrrh essential oil and who used it in this way as an anointing oil. Moses had the knowledge from Egypt, being raised in Pharaoh’s household. Jesus, was given the oil as a gift by the 3 wise men, who were cognizant of his soul’s purpose.

Imagine my excitement when I discovered using essential oils in this new way. I would sit at my work table (still do) and just sniff, for minutes or for hours, and go from feeling low to feeling happy, from feeling confused to feeling clear and aligned, from feeling fear to feeling at peace. Any negative thoughts and emotions would simply drift away as I inhaled and absorbed the essential oil.

When I started to source oils from different companies, I realized that the concern for high frequency or quality was not necessarily a priority with most of them. Essential oils were being traded as a commodity, like sugar, wheat and coffee. To many traders, they were just a means to an end – that of making money. They were overlooking the important factor of life force and potency. The passion and love for the essential oils were not necessarily there as a motivator for their business.

Beginning a quest

So, I went on a quest of sourcing my own essential oils purely for the purpose of finding those that carried the highest frequency and potency for my own healing and spiritual progress.

I also discovered that I have a very highly developed sense of smell, which has served me well in discriminating and choosing which oils to purchase and work with. I can now pick out the ones that carry the highest frequency by smell, which then may be verified by a scientific test.

Every essential oil has its own unique frequency and carries its own unique signature, just like human beings. It is a joy to discover each and every one of them. All essential oils are special, each one has its own individual nature, and each one of them carries a particular healing and spiritual gift for humankind.

When I searched for more information about the energetic properties of the essential oils and how to use them for holistic healing, I found that there was not much information available. There were hundreds of aromatherapy books written, but most of them focused on the physical body and general emotional well-being, and on the fact that they were used in ancient times, but none of them talked in depth about using essential oils for expansion of consciousness or for spiritual evolution suited to humanities specific needs in this day and age.

This inspired me to create my own essential oil blends and products for those who were interested in using essential oils as part of their healing and spiritual journey.

Quality of life

In 1996 I established One Heart Body Essentials, a company whose aim is to help support people on their journey to oneness, peace, harmony and love, via natures’ gifts – essential oils, flower essences and related workshops.


Because the “glue” that holds us all together and the common thread that we all share is Love – unconditional and divine. This not only flows through us, but through nature as well. Essential oils and flower essences are here to assist us in experiencing this reality.”

All you need is LOVE”, John Lennon and Paul McCartney. 

Studies In France

In 1998, I traveled to the South of France to study French Medical Aromatherapy. During the workshop breaks I explored the landscape and one day, spontaneously, some plants started ‘talking’ to me.

They communicated what their qualities were and how they could help humankind. Certain flowers wanted to be made into flower essences. Since I was teaching flower essence therapy at the time, I knew how to make them and so I went to work. On that initial trip, I made ten flower essences.

Since then, I have been back to South of France many times and made many more essences. There are now 37 essences in total, and 7 blends, and the system is called One Heart Flower Essences. In 2007 I had a mystical encounter with Mary Magdalene whilst making one of the flower essences (Blue Gromwell), where she revealed her connection and role with the One Heart flower essences. Since then she is actively and consciously present when I work with the flower essences and give flower essence workshops. Her consciousness and healing energy is infused into all the One Heart flower essences.

Thousands of people have used both my flower essences and essential oils with great benefits over the years. I have become aware that the relationship I have with the plant devas and the intention put forth when working with the oils and essences is a major factor in their potency and success. I am so grateful that I can share what I love with you, and make a difference to your life.

“Just as the flowers grow from the Earth, so does the remedy grow in the hands of the healer…The remedy is nothing but a seed which you must develop into that which it is destined to be”…. Paracelsus

Mystical & Unlocking the Akashic Records

In 1998 I also had a spontaneous initiation into the Akashic Record realm. I had not asked for this or sought this out. It happened suddenly and spontaneously as I was having a Cranial Sacral balancing treatment. I was taken at a high speed (literally pulled up and out of my body) through many layers of consciousness to a higher dimension of total pure white light, where there are no shadows).

I could distinguish forms by the density of the white light. Here I was given an initiation into the Hall of Records and a blessing to be able to help people by accessing and sharing their Akashic Records. I was told that from now on I could have answers to any question that I asked. Wow!

When I ‘came back’ it was hard for me to accept and integrate what had just happened. I struggled for a year, wondering if was deluded and if this event was a fiction of my imagination. However, I was finally able to ground this experience and after another year of practice and giving free Akashic Record readings in various formats, I started to offer them officially in 2000. Since then I have given thousands of readings to people.

I feel so blessed giving these readings, as the Akashic Record realm is a realm of pure unconditional love, wisdom and compassion, and the more I am exposed to this consciousness, it rubs off on me and in this way it helps ME in my own spiritual journey. Every time I give a reading I experience Gods’ unconditional love, lack of judgment and pure wisdom, and I too receive the blessings and healings with my clients. Reading The Records has also been a great help to me in developing and working with my Flower essences and Essential oil products.

*(The Akashic Records are connected to the Ancient Sanskrit word ‘akash’ – meaning ‘primal matter’. The Hebrew sages called the Akashic Records ‘The Book of God’s Remembrances’. Every persons’ thoughts, feelings and actions from the past leaves its imprint in the Akashic Record realm. This information can be accessed by divinely-directed ‘readers’. Our personal ‘soul records’ of our past lives can be found there and also clues to our present and direction for our future).

I offer Akashic Record Readings locally and internationally, in person over the phone or Skype.

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