Mothers Day

Coming up to Mother’s Day, what is lovelier than celebrating, honoring, and sharing our LOVE via the scent of Rose. Roses have always been a symbol and a beautiful way to express and evoke our love for another, and also to bring beauty and magnificence into our lives.
mothers day
During these transforming times, beautifying and enhancing our environment, both physically and energetically, has become even more important. It helps us stay calm, balanced and healthy. I have been diffusing and anointing myself with essential oils to keep my spirits up and to stay connected to what is precious and dear to me, my dreams, my aspirations, my values and most importantly my love for my family and friends, and the future of our planet. We have to keep our hearts strong!

Roses are also a symbol of love and romance and a major component in the perfume industry. Here is a comment by a perfumer “A fragrance without roses is almost as unthinkable as a love affair without kisses. Not only are roses the most romantic of flowers to look at:  they’re an absolute cornerstone of perfumery – the most important flower of all, from the point of view of a nose:  sometimes powdery, sometimes woody, musky, myrrh-y, clove-like, sometimes fruity, or just blowsily feminine – but always, intensely romantic.  Roses are said to feature in at least 75% of modern feminine fragrances, and at least 10% of all men’s perfumes.”

I am quite extravagant with my use of Rose oil, and I include pure organic Rose Absolute from Turkey in many of my formulas and blends such as ” Heart Communication”, “Love”, “Meditation”, “New Beginnings”, “Mary Magdalene Anointing Oil”, “Sri Amma Anointing Oil”, and in the Chakra Kit and “Initiation spray”. I love spreading the love in this way and this is part of my contribution to society and humanity.

To celebrate the fact that all life is birthed by the Divine Mother and is continuously nurtured by HER love, and that this fact needs to be further anchored, I am offering special discounts on my precious organic Rose Absolute oil and products that contain Rose Oil, for Mothers’ Day. This is also your opportunity to stock up on some precious oils and blends. I gently advise that stocks of essential oils worldwide are currently a bit uncertain.

Rose essential oil can come in the form of Rose Otto (also known as attar of roses), or Rose Absolute. Rose Otto is extracted via steam distillation, while the more precious Rose Absolute, via solvent extraction (no traces are in the end product), or CO2 extraction. I have been fortunate to source a rare organic Rose Absolute from Turkey, which I adore.

Rose Absolute, organic 2.75ml – regular retail price is $98.90, now 20% off for $79.  Buy 2 bottles for a further discount at $139 (a saving of nearly $60).

Enjoy the luxury and the beauty of Rose fragrance.
* 170 rose flowers are said to relinquish but a single drop of the pure essential oil. So, all you need is a drop or much less for an intense perfume or for calming and relaxing the heart and the Heart chakra.

Take 30% off the synergistic blends:

Heart Communication 12ml – $33.95 instead of $48.50.
Main constituents – Frankincense, Tasmanian Lavender, organic Rose Absolute, Rose Geranium, Sweet Orange.
Love 12ml –  $33.95 instead of $48.50
Main constituents – organic Rose Absolute, Rose Geranium, Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang.
Meditation 7ml– $52.15instead of $78.50
Main constituents – Frankincense, Indian Sandalwood, organic Rose Absolute.
New Beginnings 12ml $33.95 instead of $48.50
Main constituents – organic Rose Absolute, Rose Geranium, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang complete organic.
Mary Magdalene Anointing Oil Roll On 30ml $38.50 instead of $55
Main constituents – Spikenard, organic Rose Absolute, Vanilla CO2, Myrrh, Jasmine Absolute, Angelica, Juniperberry in a base of organic Jojoba.
Sri Amma Anointing Oil Roll On $45.50 30ml instead of $65
Main constituents – Bees Honeycomb Absolute, Helichrysum organic, Jasmine Absolute, organic Rose Absolute, Vanilla CO2, Tuberose Absolute, organic Sweet Orange, in a base of organic Jojoba.


These special prices are on offer throughout the month of May.
The Buddha’s birthday, the Wesak celebration, is another expression of Love and Compassion for humanity during the month of May.
Strengthening and expanding our hearts, and our Heart Chakras, are a focus during this time. Anointing ourselves with Rose oil will enhance our
connection with this higher consciousness and vibration, and give us fortitude and flexibility to embrace these changing times.

As always, you can email or call me with your orders or any questions.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay healthy and happy,
With many blessings,
Carol Anne Asher

Seasons’ Offering

Dear One Heart friends,

One of the keys to sailing through the holiday season, amidst the heightened worldly changes, is maintaining our inner balance. Thriving during these times is a gift, a gift to ourselves and a gift to others. We are here to shine our light and to bring our higher consciousness into every aspect of our human lives.

I use my essential oil Chakra Balancing Kit, to keep my Chakras open, balanced, clear and in tune, and able to pick up the messages and inspiration from my higher self and my guides. By anointing my chakras, my nervous system is soothed and nourished, I am able to be calm and centered. The essential oil Chakra Balancing Kit continues to be AMAZING!

This year I have been inspired to expand the use of the Chakra kit and I’ve created a limited edition luxurious Chakra Balance Candle and Chakra Balancing Bath Salts for sale. All the oils of the Chakra kit are in them: Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Rose Absolute, Jasmine, Vetiver, Patchouli, Bergamot, Lime, Chamomile, Rosewood, Rose Geranium, and more. So Divine. What a rich and power packed bouquet of vibrational essences. It continues to be the best of my offerings.

The Chakra Balancing Soy Candle includes all of the chakra kit essential oils. It is 300gr.
Normally $45, Christmas Special 20% off $36.

The Chakra Balancing Bath Salts includes all of the Chakra kit essential oils in a base of Epsom Salts, Himalayan Salts and French clay. It is a large 500gram tub.
Normally $45, Christmas Special 20% off $36.

Purchase both the limited edition candle and the bath salts for an extra discount of $68, instead of $72.
Each and every candle and bath salts contains 1/3 of the Chakra Balancing Kit oils (which retails for $135) Using them is such a great way to support your well-being and meditation, create a harmonious and loving environment, relax and lift your vibration. For those of you that have and are using the Chakra Balancing Kit, burning the delicately scented candle and luxuriating in the bath salts will deepen and expand your experience.
Both the candle and the bath salts are packaged in a gift box, ready for wrapping and gifting.
This offer is for as long as stocks last or until the 31st of December.

Keeping it simple, you can email me or call me for your orders at or 0401649868.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
I’m sending you all many blessings,

Many blessings to you,
Carol Anne Asher

Autumn Essential Oil Chakra Kit Sale

Here in the Southern Hemisphere we have entered Autumn, heading towards Winter. Every day seems to be pivotal in these times of global changes, and we need much support to stay positive, clear and energized.

I’m bringing attention back to our Subtle Bodies/Aura which house our chakras. Our chakras are the main gateways where we give and receive universal intelligence, consciousness and light. The chakras are the source of nourishment for our physical, emotional, mental, soul and spirit bodies, which are also called our Subtle Bodies. In the same way that we need high quality and nutritionally dense food to feed our physical body, we need high vibratory and clean energy/prana/chi to feed our subtle bodies.

To access this quality ‘chakra food’, our chakras need to be open, clear, balanced and healthy. They need to be correctly attuned and able to pick up and receive the positive beneficial life force around us.

one heartbe essential oils

One of the simplest and easiest way to do this is by using my essential oil Chakra Kit – A true, tried and tested chakra treatment that works, which now has 25 years of successful international service. The formula for the kit was given to me years ago by my guides, and has proven itself over and over. It was a case of them knowing better than me what was best – as some of the essential oils have ended up in the chakra blend where I wouldn’t have thought of. Such as Rose Absolute in the Crown chakra blend, versus the Heart chakra blend, and Jasmine Absolute being in the Heart chakra blend in addition to being in the Sacral chakra blend. The kit works as a synergy of Divine Intelligence.

For those of you who have the kit, no matter how old, it is still ‘alive’ as the oils mature with time – so, I encourage you to start using the kit again. Your body will recognize and resonate instantly with its high vibrations.

For those who haven’t tried the kit yet, give it a try. It is truly amazing. I am currently offering it at the old price of $110 until Easter, April 21st. The new price is $135 from April 22nd.

The formulas include so much Sandalwood, Myrrh, Rose, Jasmine, Frankincense, Roman Chamomile and other precious oils… which have all doubled in price in the past years, therefore I have had to make a slight price adjustment.

The Essential Oil Chakra Kit comes with specific affirmations that correspond to each chakra, which you can say out loud or contemplate on, whilst anointing yourself which each chakra oil blend.

Here is a wonderful testimonial that I received from my friend Dr. Andrea Hart, who took them with her for her recent surgery and hospital stay;
“After several years of using Carol’s beautiful oils I purchased the Chakra Kit and took it with me to the hospital late last year, when I needed surgery. Originally I thought that I would use the oils after the surgery for a quicker and more thorough recovery. However, I was guided to anoint myself with the complete kit as I was waiting to be taken into the operating theatre. So, I did. I placed a drop of each of the chakra’s oil at the appropriate chakra position. What a brilliant decision that turned out to be! I went into a state of absolute calm and I actually felt my heart open. It was as if I could see clearly. I felt overwhelming gratitude to my surgeon and anaesthetist and all the theatre nurses. That in itself was amazing… I felt that they were all holding space for me and were so kind and gentle with me. I even cried with gratitude as they were wheeling me in. All of this before ANY medication was administered to me. The process continued after I gained consciousness and was wheeled to my room… I felt so blessed. Needless to say, the delicious aroma of my oils brought delight to both myself and the nurses who looked after me post-op. I recommend that everyone use these oils. I have experienced first hand how they help and support us gain access to beautiful heart opening states of being. Pure BLISS!”

Wow, right?! I’m so glad that the chakra oils were such a wonderful support for Andrea during this challenging life event. Andrea is a gifted Chinese Medical Dr. Check out her website

Here is a summary of some of the Essential Oil Chakra Oil kit benefits:

  • Helps to keep our immune system strong, with daily use
  • Helps to support & maintain our physical health
  • Balances, Calms and de-stresses
  • Anti – Anxiety support, uplifts and brings joy and inner happiness
  • Expands Consciousness
  • Supports meditation – Apply a drop on each chakra
  • Prepares and supports any healing session
  • Luxurious use in a massage treatment, either directly on the chakras or mixed in a base oil or lotion
  • Wonderful for a Chakra Bath – use a drop of each blend in bath water
  • Helps to Cleanse and open our chakras
  • Helps lift our vibration
  • Supports our Spiritual evolution & journey
  • Diffuse a drop of each in your oil burner to create a Zen and peaceful environment
  • Safe and gentle for children and babies
  • Replaces the use of many individual oils – an ‘All In One’ treatment
  • Easy to carry – it is a ‘mini travel kit’

Up the Ante & Give yourself a Professional Healing treatment!
To support the Essential Oil Chakra Balancing treatment, you can use any or all of the very popular 3

Aura Care sprays:
Aura Cleanser, Aura Healer, Aura Protector.

one heartbe aura sprays

The 3 Aura Care Sprays – Aura Care Kit

These 3 sprays are a mainstay in my home, in every healing treatment & meditation session that I give. I use them throughout my workshops, to support attendees as they move through and let go of emotional and energetic debris, to access higher consciousness and states of being. The Aura Sprays are also comprised of special formulas given to me by my guides, and are synergies of the Magdalene flower essences from the South of France and precious essential oils. They do what they say – Cleanse, Heal and Protect our Aura and our chakras. They give a complete treatment on their own, and coupled with the Essential Oil Chakra Kit, you have a very powerful and effective professional treatment that you can give yourself and/or loved ones and clients.

If I would choose one Spray – it would be the Aura Cleanser as it really helps to clear the Aura from unwanted debris, stress and disturbance. It can be used in the workplace, in the car, and at home. It prepares and paves the way for restoring balance and calm and is an excellent first step prior to meditation or any healing treatment. I think that my Aura Cleanser has been my number 1 seller over the past 25 years.

However, for the complete and most effective home & professional treatment, which will uplift & carry you through the upcoming months, I’m offering a …

SPECIAL Aura Care and Chakra Care BUNDLE SALE
Purchase the Chakra kit with 2 of the Aura Care sprays and receive 1 Aura Care spray for free.
Purchase the Chakra Oil Kit at the old price of $110 with 2 Aura Sprays – the Aura Cleanser and Aura Healer $56 for a total of $166. Receive the Aura Protector for FREE. A total savings of $53.
This comprises a full professional treatment for yourself and/or your loved ones that will last you for months. Use it daily and you will feel the difference!

The Essential Oil Chakra Kit and Aura Care Kit are safe to use with children. The entire family can enjoy and benefit from them!

I hope that you take advantage of this sale so that you can benefit from this self-treatment.
Please contself-treatment questions about these products and for your orders – I love sharing and talking about these amazing products and essential oils.
Looking forward to hearing from you,
With many blessings,
Carol Anne Asher

* Special photo credit given to Ally Ions and @theakshooter

Shakti Healing Evenings – A Journey through the Chakras

Shakti_HealingYou are warmly invited to participate in a powerful and nurturing 7 WEEK JOURNEY of meditation and healing, to bring balance into your life, by strengthening the flow of Shakti through your chakras.

De-stress and access your INNER VITALITY & PEACE.

Shakti is the feminine power of God, an aspect of the Kundalini energy at the heart of all creation. It has the power to heal and transform that which stands in the way of our healing and experiencing full joy in our lives.

Facebook event page


At these ongoing evening processes you will receive energetic transmissions of the Divine Feminine for your personal healing and transformation. We will be taking flower essences and anointing ourselves with highly activated chakra oils, specifically addressing issues of the chakras that cause conflict and suffering in our lives. This ranges from the physical, emotional/mental to the spiritual issues that affect us


To further support your illumination throughout the week (seeing is freeing), you will go home with:
– One Heart Magdalene flower essences in your water bottles. These flower essences from the South of France access and bring forth your Souls’ Light into your body.
– You will have the opportunity to purchase the relevant One Heart Yin/Yang essential oils pertaining to each chakra at a discounted price. * These essential oils are activated according to ancient esoteric teachings from the Masters.
– You will also receive guidelines for basic and easy home meditation practise with relevant teachings.


Each week we will address a specific chakra, journeying from the Base chakra until the Crown chakra. The classes can be attended individually, on a casual basis, or as a 7 week process. Commitment via a prepayment for the 7 week process gives you a discount. **

Whether it is physical, emotional, relationship or spiritual you will receive healing on all levels, as the healing energy filters through all layers of your chakras.

The Kundalini energy is within all, so obviously, both men and women are invited and will benefit.


* I am offering a discounted kit of all the 14 essential oils for your 7 week process.
The kit comprises of a mix of organic and wild crafted 14x 7ml bottles of: Allspice, Citronella, Eucalyptus Globulus, Ginger, Grapefruit, Lemongrass, Sandalwood, Sassafras, Tangerine, Tea Tree, Thyme, Wintergreen, Vetiver and Ylang Ylang.
The regular retail price is $165. Special process discounted price is $130.

$25 per session.
FULL PROCESS: $150 if paid in full prior to the 30th of August start, or prior to attending any 7 sessions. Save $25. ** RECEIVE 1 FREE SESSION with prepayment of the full process.
The series will continue every WEDNESDAY evening until the end of the year. Payment can be via cash, direct deposit or credit card with PayPal.

30th of August – 11th of October , chakra 1 – 7.
18th of October – 29th of November, chakra 1 – 7.
6th of December – Special Christmas meditation celebration.

PLEASE CONTACT ME PRIOR for bookings and for any questions about the process, venue, and payment.
Carol Asher: 0401 649 868 Email:

Water bottle.
Yoga mat and blanket if you wish to lie down after the meditation.
Pen for writing notes on your handouts.
Commitment and intent for healing and inner transformation.
Please come a bit earlier for a 7pm start.

I am excited and looking forward to sharing this journey with you. I have been offering these sessions for over 12 years in Australia and internationally, and they are always wonderfully healing and transformative. Inner shifts always occur and one feels more connected and whole as a result.


Melissa Miracle essential oil

melissa essential oil one heart

I am very excited to introduce a new essential oil to my range …
Organic Melissa,  which is also known by the name of Lemon Balm and Bee Balm. True or genuine Melissa essential oil is rare and hard to find. I have been able to source a European certified Organic Melissa from South Of France and it is divine! It is a rare and also expensive essential oil because 7 tonnes of plant matter only produces a yield of 1 kg (21/4 lb) of oil. Therefore, it is often diluted with Lemongrass or Citrus oils to reduce its cost.  To find a genuine organic source, of superior quality, is like hitting the jack pot.

Due to its potency one only needs a drop or two to bring about amazing healing results, so you will get a long life out of a small precious bottle. I recommend that every essential oil lover have 1 treasured bottle of Melissa in their collection – it is a worthwhile investment, here’s why.

This herb has an ancient healing reputation. It’s name comes from the Greek nymph Melissa, protectress of the bees, because they find its scent irresistible. It has been used for centuries throughout Europe and the Middle East. The great herbalist Aviccena recommended it for its cheering effect, for melancholy and heart complaints. Melissa was called the ‘elixir of life’ or ‘the nectar of life’ by the great alchemist physician Paracelsus. Traditionally it has been used for all nervous disorders, anxiety and stress, and for heart issues of melancholy and depression.

In France, Melissa was THE ingredient in the famous Carmelite Water,
an early type of eau de cologne distilled by monks in Paris since 1611.
Today, even more discoveries have been made of it’s various healing qualities
relevant to the 21st century:

  • PTSD – it helps with anxiety, stress, depression, trauma and shock.
  • HEART – it reduces high blood pressure and calms rapid heart beat.
  • CANCER – Lemon Balm tea which has minute amounts of essential oil has been shown to inhibit the division of tumor cells.
  • PMS – it reduces pain, cramps, tension and fatigue, improves mood.
  • HERPES and COLD SORES – most effective treatment for fungal and viral infections. You only need 1 drop.
  • SHINGLES – Anti – viral. Add to a Lavender and Peppermint compress.
  • DEMENTIA – Boosts memory and soothes nervous tension, fits, and agitation. See reference below.
  • THYROID –  inhibits the thyroid-stimulating hormone when thyroid is over active – HYPERthyroidism.
  • DIABETES – Helps regulate blood sugar for those with type 2 Diabetes.
  • HYPOGLYCEMIA –  Helps to regulate blood sugar.
  • ADHD– Calms and helps sleep, it’s a mild tranquilizer. See reference below.
  • STOMACH & GUT – helps digestive disorders, calms spasms, relieves gas, reduces abdominal pain
  • LIVER & GALL BLADDER – Regulates and aids functionality.
  • HEADACHE – Rub a a trace of the oil on the temples. 
  • IMMUNITY – builds and strengthens the immune system overall as it is anti viral, anti bacterial and anti fungal.
  • ECZEMA, ACNE & SKIN WOUNDS – can be applied directly to the skin.
  • GRIEF, DEATH & TRANSITION – is considered to be THE essential oil to help with the transition of death and for grief. Here is a quote form Patricia Davis/Subtle Aromatherapy – ” The one oil above all others which seems to be of supreme help to both the dying and those around them is Melissa… It seems to dispel fear and bring about acceptance at the approach of death. It eases shock, particularly if someone has died suddenly. It helps us align with the Divine Will and this can make the approaching death easier to accept both for the dying person  and for those who will soon know that they will be left behind”.

Isn’t this Amazing? What a wonderful and life giving oil!

ORGANIC MELISSA is $129.95 for 2.75ml or $229.95 for 5ml
SAVE $20 throughout April, with my introductory price of $109.95 2.75ml
SAVE $40 on the 5ml for $189.95

Enjoy an extra bonus of free shipping of the organic Melissa within Australia. You can add other One Heart products for free shipping up to 500gr.
International shipping is $15.50, for the same offer. (1 pound)

You can dilute the essential oil in jojoba or almond oil as a 3% blend. This means 3 drops of essential oil to every 97 drops of carrier oil. Which is approximately 3 drops to every 5ml of carrier oil. This way your precious bottle of Melissa will last you a long time.

A blend for Stress and Anxiety:
1 drop Mandarin Red, organic
1 drop Petitgrain, Neroli flowers over Petitgrain, organic
1 drop Melissa, organic
Can be diffused, or rubbed on body with a little lotion or oil.

Massage blend for Stress and Anxiety
3 drops Melissa, organic
5 drops Rose Absolute, organic
6 drops Ylang Ylang Complete, organic
3 drops Roman Chamomile
Blend in 50 ml carrier oil
* you can add a drop of Cacao Absolute which also helps alleviate stress.

Calming and Soothing bath for High Anxiety and Stress
This is a gorgeous blend that can be used as an anti anxiety perfume.
Use daily.
1 drop Melissa, organic
2 drops Neroli
2 drops Rose Absolute, organic
2 drops Lavender Alpine
1 drop Moroccan Mint, wild crafted
You can add some Epsom Salts and Rose Quartz crystal to the bath water

Uplift yourself & your Environment – Also for Clarity and Brain Function
Diffuse daily:
3 drops Melissa, organic
3 drops Neroli
* Is what I have been diffusing whilst writing this newsletter… it works! I suggest diffusing the oils for 30 minutes, then having a break for 30 minutes or more ( stop diffusing), as this combination is so potent and effective

These are just some suggestions. You can also simply add 1 drop of Melissa to your own tried and tested blends, as every drop carries these healing powers. Naturally, as with all aromatherapy support for chronic conditions, one needs repeated applications to bring about the desired results.

I do hope that you try this amazing essential oil. If you have any questions please contact me.

With many blessings,
Carol Asher

Dementia reference:

ADHD Reference :

The one essential oil Dr Mercola suggests for Herpes: