More Offers for Mother’s Day

mothers day

Dear One Heart friends,
For the first time EVER I experienced the effects of the Mercury Retrograde, which started on April the 21st and ends May the 14th, Mother’s Day. When Mercury is in retrograde it impacts communications of every kind. Delays, cancellations, miscommunications and misunderstandings are common during this time.

As a result, many of you did not receive my previous email offering my Mother’s Day special. I myself didn’t receive my own copy!

Then, I was alerted to the fact that my website was down.
In addition, I didn’t think things through, as I was in such a rush to send the newsletter out in time for Mother’s Day, that I made a few mistakes.
So, here I am again with corrections and additions to my previous email.

I’m offering 2 specials for Mother’s Day:
1. The Mother’s Day Love candle
2. A gift with purchase, a FREE Mother’s Day Love Candle with every CHAKRA KIT purchased.

The Mother’s Day Love Candle contains only 100% pure essential oils (no synthetic fragrances) and is therapeutic.
It has a gorgeous soft delicate scent that is not intrusive or aggravating, yet still lends all the therapeutic benefits of the essential oils that it contains.

The MOTHER’S DAY LOVE CANDLE container is a very elegant white with gold marbling. It comes in a kraft box which is perfect for gift wrapping.
It holds 350ml, is made of soy wax and pure essential oils of:
Precious Rose Absolute which opens and strengthens the heart and is THE essential oil representing LOVE. Each candle contains 3ml of pure Rose Absolute essential oil. What a luxury!!!
Ylang Ylang Complete Organic which also calms (anti – anxiety) and fortifies the heart, in addition to being uplifting and encouraging romance…
Mandarin Sweet is a ‘happy oil’ and helps us relax and let go… bringing JOY and open heartedness.
Each candle retails for $55 (and includes over $100 worth of Rose Absolute essential oil – you are getting a bargain). Buy 2 for $99 and receive free shipping.

My second offer is a FREE Mother’s Day Love Candle worth $55 with each purchase of my iconic chakra kit. The chakra kit retails for $135. (S&H$10). If you have been waiting to purchase your kit, this may be the perfect time. It is so lovely to have a candle burning whilst anointing oneself with the chakra oils and whilst meditating.


chakra kit

  • Helps to keep our immune system strong, with daily use
  • Helps to support & maintain our physical health
  • Balances, Calms and de-stresses
  • Anti – Anxiety support, uplifts and brings joy and inner happiness
  • Expands Consciousness
  • Supports meditation – Apply a drop on each chakra
  • Prepares and supports any healing session
  • Luxurious use in a massage treatment, either directly on the chakras or mixed in a base oil or lotion
  • Wonderful for a Chakra Bath – use a drop of each blend in bath water
  • Helps to Cleanse and open our chakras
  • Helps lift our vibration
  • Supports our Spiritual evolution & journey
  • Diffuse a drop of each in your oil burner to create a Zen and peaceful environment
  • Safe and gentle for children and babies
  • Replaces the use of many individual oils – an ‘All In One’ treatment
  • Use as a beautiful natural perfume
  • Easy to carry – it is a ‘mini travel kit’

I hope that I got everything right this time and that this Mercury Retrograde transit has not been too disruptive in your life.

Please contact me with your orders and with any questions. There is still time to receive these prior to Mother’s Day.

Many blessings for a most wonderful Mother’s Day,


Mid Year Sale – Bargains Galore

We have reached the half way point of the year – and it has come so fast… days and weeks and months are whizzing by. The entire world is undergoing and experiencing fundamental changes which are affecting us all, and they will continue for some time. We need natural support (natural versus synthetic) of many kinds to stay balanced, calm and optimistic in the midst of it all, to be able to ride the storms. Once we emerge, the world will not be the same one that we were born into. So here we are again, with my offering of essential oils, that can do so much to support us during these times.

one heart essential oils

I’ve put together 10 packs of essential oils, at heavily reduced prices, that can be part of your support system.

I put the packs together according to THEMES, so it’s easy to use them together, without needing a formula or having to look up the properties of each oil and their uses. This saves you time and keeps it simple.

I’ve included some less known oils in the packs, to introduce you to scents and qualities that you may not have used before.

In addition, I’m offering an optional sale upon sale. If you purchase a pack you can purchase a complimentary oil at a reduced price.

The 10 themes chosen are what I am asked for the most, what you are mostly likely to need for the rest of the year.

You can stock up and take advantage of these huge discounts.

Pack 1:
Powerful Psychic Protection & Energetic Cleansing.
Cumin, Mugwort (Armoise), Nagarmotha, Nutmeg, Thuja, Trifolia, Turmeric, Yuzu.
These oils can be diffused in your environment or you can put a drop of each in the palms of your hands, rub together and sweep your Aura. Or, you can make an Aura spray by adding them to purified water in a spray bottle. They are all powerful cleansers and healers, and will give you strong protection from a variety of energetic assaults.
Retail $194.10   SALE 55% off = $87.35 for 8 essential oils. ( Japanese Yuzu alone retails for $43.70)
*Bonus purchase with this pack Frankincense at $33.

Pack 2:
Anti Anxiety and Calming of the Nervous system.
Allspice, Ajowan, Anise Seed, Gurjun Balsam, Camphor, Chamomile Wild, Cubeb, Erigeron.
Each of these oils heals trauma and soothes the nervous system. They de-stress and relax our body and mind.
Diffuse or you can safely put a drop of each of these oils on your body – Solar Plexus area or nape of neck.
Retail $197.30  SALE 60% off = $78.90 for 8 essential oils. (Chamomile Wild alone retails for $62.70)
*Bonus purchase with this packLavender Alpine $20.

Pack 3:
Meditation. Spiritual Development & Growth. ZEN.
Bergamot organic, Buddhawood, Cypress Blue, Grapefruit, Nagarmotha, Palmarosa organic,
These oils open and develop all chakras, with a focus on the Heart and Crown chakras. They expand our minds and help to support us in times of change. These oils also help in grounding and anchoring our shifts in consciousness as we move through these times.
Retail $200.20  Sale 55% off = $90.00 for 6 essential oils. (Cypress Blue alone retails for $58.70)
*Bonus essential oil with this pack FREE Cornmint organic which retails at $14.70.

Pack 4:
Energy, Focus and Balance.
Camphor, Cornmint, Eucalyptus Globulus organic, Peppermint Tasmanian, Rosemary Organic.
These oils give you a clear mind, more energy, they are uplifting and energizing. Also helpful for headaches – apply a drop to your temples. Diffuse in your environment.
Retail $79.10   Sale 60% off = $31.65 for 5 essential oils
* Bonus purchase with this pack Lemon organic $8.00

Pack 5:
Immune Boost and Resilience
Allspice, Citronella organic, Rosalina organic, Kunzea organic.
These oils specifically strengthen the lungs and the respiratory system, boosting white blood cells. They help prevent and support you once you have colds and flu.
Apply directly on chest (only 1 drops of Allspice, it’s a ‘hot’ oil), take baths, diffuse.
Retail $89.70  Sale 55% off = $40.50 for 4 essential oils.
* Bonus purchase with this pack Lavender Alpine $20.

Pack 6:
Anti Viral, Anti Bacterial, Anti Fungal
Kunzea organic, Rosalina organic, Savory Summer, Citronella organic, Mugwort (Armoise).
Same usage as with the Immune Boost oils. Apply to any area of the body that is infected and inflamed.  Use only 1 drop of Savory and Mugwort at a time. You can be more liberal with the others.
Retail $117.70   Sale 50% off = $58.85 for 5 essential oils.
* Bonus purchase Sweet Orange organic $5.00

Pack 7:
Pain Relief & Anti Inflammatory
Blue Cypress organic, Camphor, Citronella organic, Kunzea, Turmeric.
Reduces inflammation and pain. Supports inner organs, such as the liver and Heart. Relaxes and relives tired and painful muscles.
Apply all oils directly to area that is inflamed and in pain. Never apply to broken skin. You can also take baths with these oils, using 2 drops of each essential oil. (Kunzea and Blue Cypress alone retail for $91.70)
Retail $118.40   Sale 55% Off = $53.30 for 5 essential oils.
* Bonus purchase with this pack  Lemon organic $8.00

Pack 8:
Digestive & Gut Health
Soothing our digestive system, helping our digestion, calming inflammation for better absorption of nutrients, enhances our health, well being and our sense of security an inner peace.
A strong gut also supports a strong mind.
Ajowan, Allspice, Anise Seed, Nutmeg and Turmeric.
Apply over the stomach area. You can add to a lotion or a carrier oil to help spread the essential oils over the entire torso area.
Retail $102.90    Sale 55% Off = $46.30 for 5 essential oils.
* Bonus purchase with this pack Sweet Orange organic $5.00

Pack 9:
Skin Care  – Anti Wrinkle & Rejuvenation
Cumin Black, Cypress Blue, Lemon organic, Palmarosa organic, Sea Buckthorn Berry CO2 Extract.
Create your own miracle oil for your skin. Use Cumin Black as a base. Cumin Black/Nigella Sativa is very high in Linoleic Acid and good for dry skin and skin blemishes.  Add 1-2 drops of Sea Buckthorn Berry (it’s an orange colored oil with skin rejuvenating qualities like Carrot seed), a drop each of Cypress Blue (calming and reduces redness), Palmarosa (hydrating) and Lemon (Vit C, anti wrinkle).
Retail $153.90      Sale 60% Off = $61.55 for 5 essential oils. (Sea Bucktorn Berry alone retails for $45.00)
* Bonus purchase with this pack Foraha/Tamanu (rejuvenating, heals scars) $10

Pack 10:
Hormone Balance & Detoxification
Cedarwood Thuja, Grapefruit, Palmarosa, Petitgrain organic, Petitgrain Lemon.
Petitgrain in particular balances blood sugar and strengthens the spleen’pancreas. Grapefruit helps to cleanse & Detox  the lymphatic system.
Diffuse, take baths with a few drops of each, apply a drop of each over the Sacral chakra. You can also mix them all and rub them over your torso and legs on their own, or over a scent free moisturize or body oil.
Retail $112.20   Sale 50% Off = $56.10 for 5 essential oils.
* Bonus essential oil Lavender essential oil $20.

Anti Viral Spray

Here is my latest creation – the Anti Viral Spray.

This spray has been given to me by my guides to support us, to strengthen our Immune Systems, and to help prevent infection facing the Corona virus and the flu season.

This synergistic formula consists of essential oils that are strongly anti viral, strengthen our organs (liver, pancreas, kidneys and lungs), and at the same time also calming, de-stressing and protective.

The Anti Viral Spray contains: essential oils of Sweet Birch, Carrot Seed, Cypress, Rose Geranium, French Lavender, Peppermint, Ravensara, Mountain Savory, Thyme, with Flowers To The Rescue flower essences, in a base of distilled water.

The large 100ml spray bottle will last about a month. Price is $36.

I’m offering a ‘special’. Buy 3 for $108 and receive a FREE Immune Boost blend valued at $28.50, which you can diffuse or safely apply to the chest and body. I developed the Immune Boost for my daughter when she was a baby, and I used it ever since every time she had any symptoms of illness, warding off infections and the flu, and also to lower fever and ease her chest if sick. She now uses the same blend with her kids. It is a true and tried blend and a staple in our medicine box.

The 3 Anti Viral sprays and the Immune Boost will last you throughout the flu season, for 3 months at least.


Sweet Birch – Analgesic, anti- inflammatory, blood cleaner, reduces fever. Drains toxins & edema.
Carrot Seed – Liver strengthening and regenerating.
Cypress – A natural antibiotic. Counteracts Sore throats, infections, bronchitis, flues and colds.
Rose Geranium – Anti Fungal, Anti- Bacterial. Strengthens Liver and balances Pancreas.
French Alpine Lavender – Normalizes liver. Antiseptic. Balances, harmonizes, calms, reduces stress. Relieves headaches. Relieves tension and anxiety.
Peppermint – Strengthens the nervous system. Regenerates the liver. Strengthens muscles. Assists respiratory breathing.
Ravensara – Mucolytic (dries mucous in lungs).  Anti Viral. Anti bacterial. Nerve tonic. Good for Mono and for acute cases of flu. Strengthens immune system. Excellent support for pneumonia.
Mountain Savory – Strong Anti Viral. Fights sinus & bronchial infections.
Red Thyme – Strong Anti Viral, Regenerates liver. Treats flu, bronchitis, and general weakness.


Sweet Birch  – Strengthens our sense of Self. Gives courage and strength to stand up for oneself.
Carrot Seed – Strengthens our 3rd eye. Helps us see truth, observe manipulative behavior & cut through facades and dark energy.
Cypress – Instills peace of mind. Stabilizes and reinforces the ability to endure during times of illness. Think of ancient Cypress trees that stand and survive the passages of centuries.
Rose Geranium – Gives courage and strength. Stabilizes and calms the body and mind in times of fear, stress, change and transition.
French Alpine Lavender – Master oil for soothing the nervous system. Heals Auric damage and ejects entities. Dissolves emotional and mental blockages ( fears, doubts, self-defeating thought forms) in the Auric field. Supports meditation practices. Helps to develop an altruistic attitude of love for humanity.
Peppermint – Reverses fatigue. Relieves worry, fear and stress. Revives and energizes the body.
Ravensara – Master oil in helping to develop right use and development of our WILL. Frees us from being subject to the will of others.
Mountain Savory – Frees trapped emotions and stress in the body. Strengthens our ability to endure in times of illness or emotional stress.  “I can do this”. “I can overcome this”.
Red Thyme – Mentally grounding and stabilizing. Strengthens the Crown Chakra – our connection to source energy and consciousness.

Here are some responses from those who have already purchased and are using the spray:

Dear Carol. I received my sprays and oil in the post today. The sprays are amazing such a high vibration. When I spray and breath the essence in I can feel the effect. I use my diffuser daily with the immune boost. Thank you, You are amazing. Love Loretta

Love the spray Carol. It’s beautiful.” Fay Hara.

Thanks so much for the sprays. Everyone at meditation group loved it, and I diffused the Immune Boost too.” Carol Kretchmer.

As always, you can email or call me to order.
Shipping in Australia is a flat $10.
Shipping to the US is $24. I can also arrange Express shipping.

My blessings to everyone to stay happy, positive and healthy.

Many blessings,
Carol Anne Asher

Mothers Day

Coming up to Mother’s Day, what is lovelier than celebrating, honoring, and sharing our LOVE via the scent of Rose. Roses have always been a symbol and a beautiful way to express and evoke our love for another, and also to bring beauty and magnificence into our lives.
mothers day
During these transforming times, beautifying and enhancing our environment, both physically and energetically, has become even more important. It helps us stay calm, balanced and healthy. I have been diffusing and anointing myself with essential oils to keep my spirits up and to stay connected to what is precious and dear to me, my dreams, my aspirations, my values and most importantly my love for my family and friends, and the future of our planet. We have to keep our hearts strong!

Roses are also a symbol of love and romance and a major component in the perfume industry. Here is a comment by a perfumer “A fragrance without roses is almost as unthinkable as a love affair without kisses. Not only are roses the most romantic of flowers to look at:  they’re an absolute cornerstone of perfumery – the most important flower of all, from the point of view of a nose:  sometimes powdery, sometimes woody, musky, myrrh-y, clove-like, sometimes fruity, or just blowsily feminine – but always, intensely romantic.  Roses are said to feature in at least 75% of modern feminine fragrances, and at least 10% of all men’s perfumes.”

I am quite extravagant with my use of Rose oil, and I include pure organic Rose Absolute from Turkey in many of my formulas and blends such as ” Heart Communication”, “Love”, “Meditation”, “New Beginnings”, “Mary Magdalene Anointing Oil”, “Sri Amma Anointing Oil”, and in the Chakra Kit and “Initiation spray”. I love spreading the love in this way and this is part of my contribution to society and humanity.

To celebrate the fact that all life is birthed by the Divine Mother and is continuously nurtured by HER love, and that this fact needs to be further anchored, I am offering special discounts on my precious organic Rose Absolute oil and products that contain Rose Oil, for Mothers’ Day. This is also your opportunity to stock up on some precious oils and blends. I gently advise that stocks of essential oils worldwide are currently a bit uncertain.

Rose essential oil can come in the form of Rose Otto (also known as attar of roses), or Rose Absolute. Rose Otto is extracted via steam distillation, while the more precious Rose Absolute, via solvent extraction (no traces are in the end product), or CO2 extraction. I have been fortunate to source a rare organic Rose Absolute from Turkey, which I adore.

Rose Absolute, organic 2.75ml – regular retail price is $98.90, now 20% off for $79.  Buy 2 bottles for a further discount at $139 (a saving of nearly $60).

Enjoy the luxury and the beauty of Rose fragrance.
* 170 rose flowers are said to relinquish but a single drop of the pure essential oil. So, all you need is a drop or much less for an intense perfume or for calming and relaxing the heart and the Heart chakra.

Take 30% off the synergistic blends:

Heart Communication 12ml – $33.95 instead of $48.50.
Main constituents – Frankincense, Tasmanian Lavender, organic Rose Absolute, Rose Geranium, Sweet Orange.
Love 12ml –  $33.95 instead of $48.50
Main constituents – organic Rose Absolute, Rose Geranium, Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang.
Meditation 7ml– $52.15instead of $78.50
Main constituents – Frankincense, Indian Sandalwood, organic Rose Absolute.
New Beginnings 12ml $33.95 instead of $48.50
Main constituents – organic Rose Absolute, Rose Geranium, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang complete organic.
Mary Magdalene Anointing Oil Roll On 30ml $38.50 instead of $55
Main constituents – Spikenard, organic Rose Absolute, Vanilla CO2, Myrrh, Jasmine Absolute, Angelica, Juniperberry in a base of organic Jojoba.
Sri Amma Anointing Oil Roll On $45.50 30ml instead of $65
Main constituents – Bees Honeycomb Absolute, Helichrysum organic, Jasmine Absolute, organic Rose Absolute, Vanilla CO2, Tuberose Absolute, organic Sweet Orange, in a base of organic Jojoba.


These special prices are on offer throughout the month of May.
The Buddha’s birthday, the Wesak celebration, is another expression of Love and Compassion for humanity during the month of May.
Strengthening and expanding our hearts, and our Heart Chakras, are a focus during this time. Anointing ourselves with Rose oil will enhance our
connection with this higher consciousness and vibration, and give us fortitude and flexibility to embrace these changing times.

As always, you can email or call me with your orders or any questions.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Stay healthy and happy,
With many blessings,
Carol Anne Asher

Seasons’ Offering

Dear One Heart friends,

One of the keys to sailing through the holiday season, amidst the heightened worldly changes, is maintaining our inner balance. Thriving during these times is a gift, a gift to ourselves and a gift to others. We are here to shine our light and to bring our higher consciousness into every aspect of our human lives.

I use my essential oil Chakra Balancing Kit, to keep my Chakras open, balanced, clear and in tune, and able to pick up the messages and inspiration from my higher self and my guides. By anointing my chakras, my nervous system is soothed and nourished, I am able to be calm and centered. The essential oil Chakra Balancing Kit continues to be AMAZING!

This year I have been inspired to expand the use of the Chakra kit and I’ve created a limited edition luxurious Chakra Balance Candle and Chakra Balancing Bath Salts for sale. All the oils of the Chakra kit are in them: Frankincense, Myrrh, Sandalwood, Rose Absolute, Jasmine, Vetiver, Patchouli, Bergamot, Lime, Chamomile, Rosewood, Rose Geranium, and more. So Divine. What a rich and power packed bouquet of vibrational essences. It continues to be the best of my offerings.

The Chakra Balancing Soy Candle includes all of the chakra kit essential oils. It is 300gr.
Normally $45, Christmas Special 20% off $36.

The Chakra Balancing Bath Salts includes all of the Chakra kit essential oils in a base of Epsom Salts, Himalayan Salts and French clay. It is a large 500gram tub.
Normally $45, Christmas Special 20% off $36.

Purchase both the limited edition candle and the bath salts for an extra discount of $68, instead of $72.
Each and every candle and bath salts contains 1/3 of the Chakra Balancing Kit oils (which retails for $135) Using them is such a great way to support your well-being and meditation, create a harmonious and loving environment, relax and lift your vibration. For those of you that have and are using the Chakra Balancing Kit, burning the delicately scented candle and luxuriating in the bath salts will deepen and expand your experience.
Both the candle and the bath salts are packaged in a gift box, ready for wrapping and gifting.
This offer is for as long as stocks last or until the 31st of December.

Keeping it simple, you can email me or call me for your orders at or 0401649868.
Looking forward to hearing from you.
I’m sending you all many blessings,

Many blessings to you,
Carol Anne Asher